Grid Control Workflow for Switching and Placement Measures

Netzführung Abbildung des Workflows zu Schalt- und Stellmaßnahmen

The Module Lovion GRID  depicts the topological network and can display switching circuit signals in different colours. With Lovion ANALYZER, the grid can be analyzed and evaluated based on its topological network. For grid control, the modules  Lovion SWITCHING and Lovion SWITCHBOARD are used to determine the operational switching conditions and to visualize the workflow for switching and placement measures including planning, authorization and switching post-notifications.

Lösung für Netzführung

Network Topology

The network topology, meaning the connection between lines and points, can be displayed in Lovion GRID. In most cases the network information is derived from GIS or the control system.

Switching Circuit Colours

Lovion GRID displays and alters switching circuit signals through use of colour and Lovion ANALYZER visualizes socket records of network analyses based on their standard switching preparations.

Standard Switch Conditions

In most cases network operators administrate operational information about their assets in grid documentations. This information in GIS is usually stored as statistical data based on standard switching conditions.


Evaluating current Grid Conditions

In order to utilize switch conditions in grid control, an up-to-date dataset of operational indicators is required in various overviews or schematic plans. Evaluating network conditions is made possible through network analyses based on topological features and standard switch conditions.

Switching and Placement Measures

Switching and placement measures can be carried out for unplanned events such as unexpected outages. Planned switching and placement measures for repair works e.g. construction work or grid planning activities are prepared beforehand within a medium- and long-termed timeframe.


Important Features

  • Topological depiction of the grid
  • Network analyses including coloured signals for switching circuits
  • Recording information about operational conditions in network documents and processes
  • Dynamic grid indicators
  • Retrievability of current asset operational indicators
  • Assessing planned, current and historic grid conditions
  • Support for operational decision-making processes
  • Creating socket post-notifications
  • Complete integration into planning, construction and maintenance processes