Work Management as Central Means of Work Control

Work Management Overview
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  • Work preparation
  • Working on tasks Windows
  • Working on tasks APP
  • Work postprocessing
  • Work in real life practice
  • Customer Statements

Disposition and Mobile Editing of tasks with reference to a order

The area of Work Management in Lovion BIS includes modules that are required in the same way in all technical processes including but not limited to control and status monitoring of processes, planning of resources, target dates and linking to a business system by reference to an order.

Work Management

Tasks Control Processes

Tasks control processes in Lovion BIS thereby taking a central role in Work Management processes. In addition to manual generation of tasks, e.g. as part of a construction process, automatic task generation is also supported. Typically, rule-based generation of tasks is initiated by an order or a message from SAP (e.g. maintenance planning in PM) or a maintenance plan defined in Lovion WORK.

Disposition of Ressources and Material

The module Lovion DISPATCH serves to dispatch tasks via an interactive GANTT diagram with which staff in charge and resources are planned, and if required, materials are reserved in SAP MM. Approval and detailed planning can be performed in steps by different members of staff, e.g. operations scheduling and masters of network operations.

Work Management

Processing of Tasks on PC's, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

Allocated tasks can be processed on Microsoft Windows based devices such as PCs, laptops and tablets as well as smartphones and tablets with the operating systems iOS or Android. Lovion TASK (Windows) and Lovion TASK APP (iOS and Android) are offered tailored to the respective platforms.

  • Unified approach for maintenance, construction projects and metering
  • Maintenance planning in SAP PM or Lovion
  • Reference to the SAP system via orders, PSP elements or messages
  • Planning of capacities and operations
  • Administration of technical resources (e.g. excavators, welding equipment)
  • Planning of material and third party services
  • Mobile processing on smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Reporting of times and materials
  • Support of RFID, bar code and QR code identification