Facility Management Real Estate and Plant Management

Centralised Controlling

Facility management in Lovion BIS incorporates modules that steer various processes in real estate and plant management. Asset data, which is grouped into various catalogues, lays the foundation for facility management and can be used in combination with different lovion modules.

Facility Management mit Lovion BIS

The main component of facility management is the module FACILITY where all asset data is recorded and visualized. Additional processes are controlled from here such as the inventorybuilding maintenance and business operations.

In combination with Lovion WORK, TASK or REPORT, FACILITY is a wide-ranging tool that monitors various tasks in buildings and plants. The synergistic solution enhances real estate and plant management, helping to maintain the value of these facilities.

Transparent Administration

Lovion Facility Management offers a transparent data overview of the whole inventory including associated information. Equipment is either visualized in a georeferenced and equal-area map, in the form of lists or both combined. Thus, the user has a good overview of all inventory as well as pending tasks, damages and localities of individual employees.

Facility Management mit Lovion BIS

Facility Management

Task Management

All tasks can be steered centrally by an administrator or authorized personnel. The ticket system enables tasks to be collected in a task pool which can then be executed systematically in order of priority. Relevant processing steps are recorded for individual measures in order to help plan future tasks more efficiently. The ticket system also simplifies task management and organisational processes within the facility management system.

Customer-specific Solutions

Lovion FACILITY Lovion FACILITY is tailor-made for utility companies. Data catalogues can be adapted to individual company requirements. Next to the basic catalogue, further catalogues are available:

  • Area management
  • Maintenance management
  • Inventory management
  • Cleaning management
  • Key management
  • Safety and work protection

Project Reports