Lovion WORK Creating Tasks

Organising Tasks

Activities can be classified into specific task types which are administered in Lovion WORK. Available task definitions are tailored according to the operational environment and can be freely adjusted. Within the defined framework, classified utility infrastructure and utility groups as well as specified test cycles or receipt confirmation are defined as individual or combined receipt objects.

Tasks can optionally be summarised into task packages. These support the clustering of tasks within a defined area (e.g. inspection site, test district) or within a technical installation. Tasks and task packages share the same objectives in regards to the execution, staff allocation and status control and are directly comparable within the business administration system.

Create Tasks automatically

In Lovion WORK, tasks can be created by users or are automatically generated. Manual generation is done by a project manager of a construction project or by a responsible maintenance specialist. For the automatic task generation, activities can be created using the ERP system. It is also possible to define a set of rules for automated tasks (for example, maintenance tasks) in Lovion WORK.

At the point of generation, tasks are assigned to the utility object and to the task. Furthermore, it is possible to assign a collective of tasks as an individual task. This information is available to all users in further processes. Within the task ceation framework, a task pool exists where all company tasks are stored.