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Risk Assessment of Tree Locations according to GW 125 Regulations

The rules and regulations of the "DVGW Regelwerk GW 125 (M)" advise trees to be recorded and documented if they are within 2.50 m range of a pipeline, as they pose a potential risk to the supply infrastructure. Furthermore, certain tree types that also pose a threat and are within a 5.0 m range of a pipeline should also be documented.

The tree type, age, diameter at breast height, root type, growth shape and aboveground growth behaviour is documented in the Lovion TREE data model. This tree data, in combination with pipeline data such as material, dimension, cover protection and age, are important parameters for determining the danger potential. For this purpose, a tree expert compares this data with an on-site inspection in order to classify the potential danger. Recommendations for required measures can be documented for each tree location.

The danger classification of trees produces an overview of danger zones as well as danger potential for pipeline infrastructure. Data regarding topographic and pipeline-specific conditions in the grid can be directly evaluated in Lovion. As a result, tree locations near pipelines are displayed in the map using a colour scheme for the classification of danger levels.

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