Lovion TE MONITOR Managing partial discharge Measurements

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Managing partial discharge Measurements

Lovion TE MONITOR is used for planning, executing and documenting partial discharge measurements for medium voltage electricity. Not only does this tool graphically plan TE measurements, but it also evaluates measurement results graphically and documents these in the system. The evaluation of high-quality supply infrastructure with non-destructive methods forms the basis of implementing reliable maintenance.

Create Measurement

The route selection is carried out in Lovion TE MONITOR by selecting the start of the route in a medium voltage substation via the address field or the map. The integrated network routing analyses all counterpart stations which are connected to the medium voltage cable and makes these available in a selection list. By selecting a counterpart station, the route to be measured is defined. The length is displayed in the heading are. The route with the start and end point (measuring direction) is displayed in the map. Statistics are visible in the detail area. All required data is now available to carry out the measurement.

Measurement Contract

The user responsible for the measurement defines the measuring date and orders the measurement contract. The execution of the measurement i.e. the required activation of the route to be measured can optionally be done by an order in Lovion WORK. In this case, Lovion WORK creates a single task, prepared with details of the equipment. As a result, the specialist department receives a precise overview of the contracted measurements and can precisely analyse the measuring results and the status of the measurement contract.

Conducting the Measurement

The contract in Lovion WORK leads the assigned employee to Lovion TASK, showing a maintenance interface where the measurement is carried out and documented. The technician simultaneously analyses the measurement protocol and distinguishes between "without findings", "conspicious" or critical. Depending on the findings, further measures can be planned. The result is reported back to Lovion TE MONITOR.

Measurement Documentation

The findings are georeferenced and linked to the measured route or parts of the measured route in Lovion TE MONITOR. Therefore, the conditions of the measured route are documented and made available in various parts of Lovion BIS, for example Lovion OUTAGE, Lovion RCM. Furthermore, the measured routed is displayed in colour in the map and also enables a geographic evaluation.


The user can make special measurement information (status, contract location and documents) available to all other users via the diary funtion. The measurement documents can also be attached to Lovion TE MONITOR. The planning, execution and documentation of TE measurements via Lovion TE MONITOR enables a structured and integrated method of recording conditions. These are not only used to ensure supply safety, but also support other decision-making processes for operational asset management.

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