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Processing Tasks in the Browser

Processing tasks plays a major role in Lovion. Complex processes with corresponding forms can be edited in tasks as well as simple process steps where it is only required to confirm that the required activity has been carried out. The Lovion TASK PORTAL offers the possibility to process tasks in a browser. This has the huge advantage that a workstation does not require an installation of the Lovion client. This is ideal to integrate external service providers or business partners into the process.

Suitable Task Processing for all Applications

With Lovion TASK (Windows), Lovion TASK APP (Android and iOS) and the Lovion TASK PORTAL in the browser, there are three different clients available to carry out tasks. These clients are adapted to their specific plattforms and can have different target groups and applications. Lovion TASK has the broadest range of funtions and can be used in the field as well as the back office. The Lovion TASK APP is optimised for mobile devices with a touch screen and is therefore more suitable for smartphones and tablets. With the Lovion PORTAL, a very simple and easy to use way of editing tasks is available in a browser. The browser ist automatically adjusted to the display size of the device and can therefore also be used on mobile devices.

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