Lovion TASK APP Executing Tasks

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Executing mobile Tasks on the Smartphone or Tablet

The Lovion TASK APP supports the common smartphone and tablet operating systems iOS and Android. Access to attribute and graphic data is possible via the Lovion APP Server, either through LAN or the internet (for example, UMTS). In order to access data without a network connection, an offline feature for master and dynamic data is available.

The user has access to all graphic and attribute data that is incorporated into Lovion BIS' enquiries. The user can search for specific equipment and define themes for the map content. The map can be automatically centered on the current GPS position and help with the on-site orientation. Simple tools, for example, for measuring routes are available. Assigned tasks are displayed in a clear list. The user can also display the tasks in the map to improve orientation. All tasks have a processing status that is displayed in the colour of the task. Processing the task list can be done offline withough a network connection. This enables technicians to carry out tasks in stations.

After a released task (red colour) is selected for editing, the status changes to "in Process" (blue colour). Executing tasks is done with individual checklists. Damages are documented by selecting the corresponding checklist point (for example, maintenance requires) automatically in the background.


Not only can data be read via the Lovion APP Server, but also edited and recorded. The close integration with other Lovion Modulen, makes Lovion BIS data and functions available to field technicians. For example, it is possible to document and report back tasks on mobile devices that were originally planned in the back office using Lovion WORK.