Lovion SWITCHING Managing Switching and Placement Conditions

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Managing operational Switching and Placement Conditions

Lovion SWITCHING is a new module in Lovion BIS for managing operational switching conditions (electricity) and placement conditions (pipe network).

Besides the normal conditions, which are part of the network documentation, Lovion BIS can record diverging switching and placement conditions.

Operational switching and placement conditions can be planned for the future, present or may even lie in the past.

For enquiries as well as network routing and analyses with Lovion ANALYZER, the view is not limited to normal switching and placement conditions, but also simulates real-life conditions.

Furthermore, the timeframe for the analysis can be defined.

SWITCHING supplements the Lovion MONITOR database and integrates itself smoothly into Lovion VIEW, GRID and ANALYZER.

Besides recording data in Lovion BIS, data from switchboard technologies can also be incorporated through optional interfaces.

  • Recording operational switching and placement conditions in the network
  • Future, present and historic
  • Electricity and pipeline network
  • Taking into account network routing and analyses
  • Visualization of operational and diverging conditions for enquiries

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Solution for:
Network Operation, Grid Control