Lovion SWITCHBOARD Switching and Placement Measures

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Support throughout the whole Process

Lovion SWITCHBOARD is based on the module Lovion SWITCHING and supports the entire switching Process. Switching or placement measures are carried out within various network activities. Construction Projects, planned supply cuts or maintenance work are some examples.

Thus, SWITCHBOARD is an ideal addition to the process mudule Lovion PROJECT, CONSUMER or WORK.

Lovion SWITCHBOARD depicts the planning process as well as the execution of switching and placement measures including the documentation.

During the planning stage, supply cuts can be held to a minimum. Lovion SWTICHBOARD offers an integration with outage management Lovion OUTAGE. The graphic display of a switching or placement measure can be done through drawings and slides in Lovion DESIGN.

Mobile execution is possible through the integrated work management in Lovion BIS. Switching tasks can be dispatched in Lovion DISPATCH and executed and documented on site in Lovion TASK.

  • Planning and documentation of switching and placement measures
  • Integration with construction projects, house connections, maintenance etc.
  • Supplement for outage management
  • Switching tasks for ececution in Lovion TASK

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