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Colour Schemes for Object Geometries

Object Geometries are colourd according to a combination of attributes that are defined in Lovion REPORT.

Each search is automatically assigned a colour. Alternatively, the colour can be defined indidually. Furthermore, the geometry to be coloured in can be selected. The line width or symbol size can also be modified. New configurations for colour schemes can be saved and duplicated. Thus, the most important colour schemes are directly available

A new colour scheme is created by activating the start button in Lovion SMART MAP. The associated query is always performed on the most recent database. Therefore, the results are ascertained efficiently and the coloured geometries displayed in a map. In order to emphasize the result, the map background is displayed using a grayscale.

Various parallel colour schemes can be implemented. The results are visualized in different maps. The entire database is coloured in to improve further editing, as the selected area doesn't have to be coloured in again using the predefined colour scheme.

Flexible labelled Theme Maps with Smarttags

Objects can be labelled flexibly and cleary using smarttags. The labels are created using corresponding attribute fields of the object.

The principle of smarttags in Lovion SMART MAP is based on post-its used in offices. Smarttags can also be visualized in different colours to support the message of the label.

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