Lovion ROUTING Planning Routes

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Optimised Route Planning for Dispatching and Outage Services

The extension for planning routes can be integrated into Lovion via the module Lovion ROUTING. Lovion ROUTING not only enables journey time calculations, but also offers route optimisations. As a result, tasks are bundled into daily packages and arranged for an optimal route. Tasks with appointments are treated as fixed points.

Important Features

  • The quickest, shortest and optimal route is found
  • Routes are calculated according to different profiles (car, truck, pedestrian etc.)
  • Locations are quickly found and displayed in the map
  • Traffic data is displayed

Map Source

  • Worldwide map for over 90 countries in high-resolution quality
  • Special solution for utility companies including a complete path network consisting of public road networks, business and private paths of a country and a range of attributes (the path density of this PLUS map is on average double the size as that of other base maps)
  • PLUS maps are currently available for Germany, Austria, northern Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands
  • The visualization can be configured, meaning that only data required for business processes is visible
  • Highly detailed visual elements for water land use, land development and height features
  • Various points of interest (POI)
  • automotive-conform quality guaranteed by fully automated matching processes
  • Annual updates

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