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Create complex Queries

Lovion REPORT offers an interface specially designed for creating complex queries by "normal users". It is possible to save searches and to give them names so that searches can be found and carried out at a later stage. Current data will provide up-to-date search results. Saved queries can be edited subsequently. The administrator can provide queries to all users of the system. Furthermore, individual users can add their own queries. By using the "or" condition (disjunction), it is possible to search for objects with the statuts "planning" or "out of service".

Geographical Queries

Geographical queries support georeferenced object searches, no matter if they have point, line or areal geometries. Geographical queries can also be combined with attribute searches. Furthermore, searches can be defined for data within Lovion or secondary data derived from GIS or a business enterprise system.

Search via Parent or Child Objects

Searches that include features of parent or child objects are also possible. One example to search routes that contain pipeline sections exceeding a specific length. The results of queries can be veiwed and processed in EXPLORE.

Indexed Full-Text Search

Next to the option of defining frequently used queries, Lovion REPORT also offers a full-text search within all Lovion data. This elegant search and find method is known to all internet users, for example in Google. Users enter a text as a search criteria and are shown a list with search results arranged according to relevance. As this also works for secondary data within Lovion, tasks can be quickly found in combination with contractual data or construction projects can be found along with their original assignments.

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