Lovion RATING AGING Aging model for Network Evaluations

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Aging Model

The module Lovion RATING AGING supplements the module Lovion RATING with an aging model. Relevant asset data, especially damages and conditions, is used for the aging function and modelling (according to Prof. Herz or Weibull) of assets or asset classes. With the help of this data, performance indicators based on age, such as the damage vulnerability, remaining life duration and substance value can be calculated. The aging function is calibrated in the integrated KANEW 3S® computing core.

Strategic Partnership

Lovion GmbH has entered a strategic partnership with 3S Consult GmbH to develop the modules LIFECYCLE for long-term analyses and RATING AGING for implementing aging models in asset evaltuations. In the process, parts of KANEW 3S® software were integrated in Lovion in order to use all calculation models.

3S Consult GmbH

3S Consult GmbH was founded as a spin-off in 1986 in Hanover/Garbsen. More offices were launched in Munich, Karlsruhe, Dresden. The focus lies on the development and distribution of the products SIR 3S®, KANEW 3S® and HYDKA 3S®. Furthermore, 3S Consult manages engineering services and also carries out more than 200 projects beyond the field of classical pipeline calculations.

Interaction between Modules

The solution network management is supported by the software integration of KANEW 3S® in Lovion. Next to the implementation of the Lovion RATING and Lovion RANKING modules, it is also possible to create aging models and long-term simulations. The software KANEW 3S® is directly integrated in Lovion with access to Lovion databases. Therefore, asset data and information regarding damages and outages is directly available.

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