Lovion PROJECT Construction Projects

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Managing and Monitoring Developments

The module Lovion PROJECT is designed to graphically support project management of utility companies and network providers, aiming to make construction projects transparent and continuously digital. The existing system components, for example MS Office or SAP are optimally integrated for all users via standard interfaces. As a result, an intrayear budget management is possible for all measures. A freely defined process model can be incorporated into Lovion PROJECT to depict the core process of each individual utility company. This means that workflows as well as milestones for status bars can be implemented individually. Starting with an easy process model with minimal status changes, the core process planning can be implemented in numerous substeps based on HOAI.

Project Management

After starting the module Lovion PROJECT, all projects are displayed in lists as well as in a geographic overview map. Surface geometries of projects are colour-coded according to their status. Predefined or individual filters are available and have an affect on displayed projects as well as in the map. After selecting a project, the project area is marked and displayed with corresponding attribute data. Each project has a unique project id and general project description containing information about project managers and the time plan. All data entries are recorded in a project diary in order to ensure process transparency. This means that conclusions and requests for a measure can be directed towards the project manager.

Managing Appointments

Milestones can be defined for each subproject within a gantt chart. The status of completion is displayed in the calender using a process bar which is available at all times. If deadlines are exceeded, reminders can be displayed in Lovion PROJECT and e-mails are automatically sent.


Next to the extensive and transparent documentation, Lovion PROJECT also supports workflows in the foreground. This is mainly visible in the project coordination subprocess. As soon as a new project is created, the user can commence the coordination via an internal and external mailing list. As a result, e-mails are automatically sent containing the project's master data. This usually includes organisations for public interests who can then decide if they will participate in any development.


In a project, subprojects are created for each division. For example, the installation of a new main pipeline is a separate subproject to the subproject of constructing a house connection. Various information can be saved for each subproject. Drawing plans can be attached to all projects. Thus, a planned route can be displayed in an overview map. Furthermore, a rough plan can be created based on the overview map and a fine drawing plan can be displayed and integrated with a detailed map.

Interaction with other Modules

Lovion PROJECT can be implemented in combination with Lovion DESIGN. In this case, the project area is also the planning area of the drawing plans. It is also possible to integrate MS Office and Adobe PDF via the module OFFICE CONNECT. As a result, the workflow can be supported by e-mails and serial letters as well as Excel sheets and PDF documents. If a document management system is available, the documents can be managed and linked to the project via the module Lovion DMS CONNECT.


The process can be further optimised with the module Lovion ERP CONNECT, where diverse SAP modules such as PM, MM, IS-U, HR or PS are connected. This means that users can directly create contracts in SAP via Lovion PROJECT. The data is transmitted bidirectionally. This is mostly used for daily comparisons of acutal costs via SAP PM. A further scenario is material management in the module SAP MM-SRV. Technical implementation is possible by incorporating Lovion ERP CONNECT and BAPIs managed in an individual name space within SAP.

Task-based Project Management

Task-based workflows are supported by joining projects with corresponding tasks in Lovion PROJECT. These include tasks such as planning, development or assembly and surveying. As a result, the availability of time-sensitive resources can be planned and managed in advance. This is done in the modules TASK and DISPATCH.

Logbook / Diary

In principle, all entries are automatically documented using a time- and datestamp. Creating references, attaching documents and jumping to file directories are some of the available functions. In addition, data can be archived in connection with the document management system. During the worklfow, actions, for example a status change, are automatically carried out by the system.

Creating Construction Projects based on the Network Evaluation

Evaluating assets using the modules of the network management product line make up the foundation of defining an asset strategy and deriving objective measures. Construction projects can then be created using these evaluated assets. The project includes a link to the assets that it is based on.