Lovion OSM CONNECT OpenStreetMap Integration

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Lovion OSM CONNECT OpenStreetMap Integration

Integrating OpenStreetMap data: OpenStreetMap.org is an international project with the goal of creating a free world map. Data for roads, buildings, railways, rivers and many other objects are collected worldwide and made accessible.

Lovion OSM CONNECT can integrate and process this data within the Lovion solution.

Lovion OSM CONNECT offers the complete integration of OSM data within Lovion:

  • Map: Visualizing OSM data in a Lovion background layer.
  • REPOSITORY: OSM data implemented as Lovion objects (roads, buildings etc.) including attribute data and vector geometries. This data can be used as locators in Lovion.
  • SEARCH: Quick search for OSM objects in Lovion. Comfortable use similiar to Google with autocomplete function and interactive hit list.

The data is prepared according to user's requirements (geographic region, resolution and coordinate system) and regularly updated (for example, annually) if needed.

The OSM data is fully available offline via the Lovion synchronisation.

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