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Mobile Meter Reading with the Help of Optocouplers

On 23 June 2016, the German parliament passed a law for digitising the transition to new energy sources. This law regulates the general framework under which the transition of measuring techniques for producers and customer plants should be implemented. It is orientated towards performance and electronic measuring systems. The aim is to replace all analogue meters with modern electronic measuring systems by no later than 2035.

Reading electronic Devices

The implementation of new measuring techniques not only creates more work for meter operators, but also makes new technology more complicated and challenging. From a classical perspective, device-specific requirements for metering are upheld. A number of producers offer metering systems that are integrated into their company's metering infrastructure.

Supporting Service Processes

If service processes are to be supported in this context, an efficient technology for communicating between individual components, i.e. hardware and sotfware, is required. Device is a company specialised in producing devices that are able to link or communicate between measuring points using their hardware and software. This means that peripheral service and data processing is possible.


Device produces adapters for reading and remotely reading electronic meters. These communicate with meters and transfer data using serial interface standards via busses, bluetooth or Wifi. The complete language portfolio for each device, in combination with common coummnication protocols, for example IEC / VDEW / SML / EDL / basic meter / DLMS / SYM² / IDIS, are supported.

Lovion for Metering Operations

Lovion supports mobile metering processes. Modules for depicting tasks and dispatching resources are available for measures concerning device exchanges.

These include

  • Installation and operational activation
  • Device removal
  • Device exchange
  • Cyclic exchange
  • Meter reading
  • Fault elimination
  • Special inspections

Lovion offers a communication solution for electronic and future digital metering systems by integrating the device interface Q4. This is available for all components and required functions. Q4 provides producer-specific components for integrating current metering systems.

Q4 Integration independent of Device Type

The interface for the adapter to various metering systems is Q4. Lovion, a process-orientated platform and component for processing load and performance indicators, obtains access to the metering device's information using Q4. Device Q4 is a universal interface for on-site metering systems and systems for processing measurement data. The connection between Lovion, Device and the implemented metering technology enables measurement data to be transferred and edited in the target system by implementing the required interface, such as ERP CONNECT for exchanging data with SAP IS-U.

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