Lovion OFFICE CONNECT integrating Microsoft Office

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Interface for Microsoft Office Products

The module Lovion OFFICE CONNECT offers an in-depth integration for Microsoft Office in Lovion BIS. Word documents, Excel sheets and emails are available as output media. These are automatically inserted with data from various processes and modules in Lovion.

Process Integration

Documents are created for various reasons and include a range of options. Below are some application examples:

  • Automatic letter generation
  • Creating documents for archival purposes
  • Employee notifications via email
  • Statistic evaluations using MS Excel
  • Creating diagrams and analysing data

Thus, Lovion OFFICE CONNECT functions are available in various Lovion BIS modules. Furthermore, the export function is available for all users. This means that network tracing results or attibute queries using reports can be further processed via Lovion OFFICE CONNECT.

Flexible Document Generation

Excel exports and Word letters can be configured. The template file selection and automatically activated Macros offer a wide range of document designs.


Emails can be transferred instantly to MS Outlook, enabling the user to edit or add contents within the familiar email application. Alternatively, the email can be sent via the standard SMTP protocol.

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