Lovion MRU CONNECT Market Transition

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DVGW Gas Device Database

The DVGW Service & Consult GmbH oversees the digital directory for the DVGW gas device database required for managing gas devices. Relevant information regarding the transition from low- to high-caloric gas as well as associated devices affected by the exchange is managed for each device.

Lovion MRU CONNECT compares the DVGW gas device database on a central Lovion server. During this process, device update and exchange functions are provided by the DVGW.

Furthermore, the central Lovion server updates and compares mobile users responsible for assessments and exchange tasks by providing information about gas devices. Daily work becomes more convenient, as the synchronisation is carried out in the background. No actions are required by the user who knows that the database is always up to date.

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Lovion MRU

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Market Transition, Integration