Lovion MONITOR Damages and Conditions

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Central Damage and Condition Management

Next to the documentation of damages during maintenance work, recording conditions is gaining importance and can also be done within the Lovion system. The documentation of conditions is especially effective for regulated divisions, as the network can be managed more effectively and economically. Thus, exisiting networks can be protected and only defective network components are replaced.

The Lovion system therefore manages all equipment damages and conditions cetrally in Lovion MONITOR. These include the following:

  • Damages and defects
  • Documented conditions of assets
  • Photos
  • Measurements
  • Switching status of equipment (open / closed).

Classification and Repairs

The back office employee attains direct access to all data that is captured by the technicians in the field as well as newly registered equipment that is damaged. The back office employee can classify these according to damage types and introduce measures for maintenance, further inspections or deferments.

Fundamentals for Maintenance Strategy

Data that is managed in Lovion MONITOR forms an important basis for implementing reliable maintenance plans. These can be carried out in the modules dealing with network management solutions.

Important Features:

  • Evaluating damages and conditions
  • Implementing maintenance
  • Classifying damages to be defered
  • Defining individual cycles (for example, post inspections)

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