Lovion MOBILE SYNC Data Synchronisation

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Synchronising mobile Devices

Mobile data is used on notebooks or workstations where a connection to the Lovion Server is not always available. Initially, all data is synchronised via Lovion SYNC. Afterwards, only modifications are synchronised. Lovion SYNC is used to synchronise data with the central server. This usually occurs when the device is in the intranet and Lovion SYNC can access the server via the network.

Synchronisation with Lovion MOBILE SYNC is also possible through the mobile Network

A synchronisation with Lovion MOBILE SYNC is also possible through a mobile network connection. In order to do this, Lovion MOBILE SYNC provides a web application server (LWAS) within the customer's DMZ (demilitarised zone). The mobile device can connect to the LWAS via a mobile network connection and the Lovion System can synchronise data via the server. An example where this is done is an outage task where the employee needs to synchronise tasks immediately.

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