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Surveying House Connection

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  • Survey (Lovion MEASURE APP)
  • Data export (Lovion MEASURE APP)
  • Documentation in the back office
  • Import in GIS (Lovion MEASURE CONNECT)
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Augmented Reality for Surveyor and Network Operator

Surveying House Connections with the Smartphone or Tablet

House Connections, explorations and other surveying is directly measured through the camera of a smartphone or tablet in three easy steps. No other hardware such as expensive GNSS receivers or laser devices for measuring distances are required.

1. Recording Reference Objects

At least three reference objects such as the corner of buildings, shaft lids or walls are recorded so that the geometries can be correctly geireferenced and transformed in GIS or CAD.

2. Surveying Pipelines

Afterwards, all house connection elements are measured and automatically photographed by clicking on the screen.

3. Export and E-Mail

All surveyed reference and pipeline objects are exported as GIS data, together with the photo documentation. A Survey sketch is simultaneously created in an PDF.

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Work Management, Netzbau, Netzbetrieb, Netzanschluss, Zählerwesen

Lovion APP Spezial

Screenshot MEASURE APP Augmented Reality

Specially developed for the on-site technician

The Lovion MEASURE APP was specially developed for technicians, service technicians and civil engineering conpanies. Thus, the documentation can commence immediately after the installation. Specially trained surveyors are not required on site. As a result, valuable time and costs are saved and ensure that the documentation is done while the trench is open.

Accuracy of 10-20 cm

Inertial sensors an cameras of the manufacturer's iOS devices are calibrated and enable an accuracy of about 10-20 cm. By recording numerous reference objects in the first step, the data can be easily georeferenced and transformed in GIS and CAD with the help of other data, such as ALKIS or orthographic photos. The internal GPS accuracy serves as a rough localisation

Advantage Overview

  • On-site quality assurance
  • real time documentation
  • Easy handling (video recording)
  • Accuracy of 10-20 cm only with smartphone
  • Complete digital data flow without hand sketches or interfaces
  • Cost-effective (only smartphone hardware required)

Complete digital Process without Media Breaks

File Creation for GIS Data Export including Photo Dokumentation and PDF Sketch

The Lovion MEASURE APP features the standard objects for various divisions and can be implemented without extensive configuration. However, it can adapted according to the user's needs.

The result of the survey are point, line and areal geometries that can immediately be imported to GIS or CAD. Survey points are simultaneously documented with a photo and time stamp as well as the position. A PDF sketch is automatically created at the end of the survey. The layout can ba adapted according to the user's requirements

The data transefer is done via E-Mail. The data is exclusively saved on the mobile device and the company's system. A cloud backup with a data synchronization is optional.

On-Site Quality Assurance and complete Documentation in real Rime

All recorded assets are immediately displayed in their real location via the video frame As a result, the integrity and location accuracy can be inspected and if necessary, the survey is repeated. The status bar is colour-coded (red - yellow - green) and immediately directly provides feedback about the quality of the survey.

Screenshot MEASURE APP Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Screenshot MEASURE APP Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality supplements the current video display with additional data, for example, pipeline data deriving from GIS or perhaps another survey. With the help of inertial sensors (acceleration, rotation, inclination) and photogrammetric picture analysis (also known as "visual inertial odometry"), the camera position and movements are determind with a very high precision. With these sensors it is possible to record new geometries with an accuracy between 10-20 cm.

What are the Advantages of Augmented Reality?

Entire surveys can be carried out quickly and precisely using a standard smartphone and tablet. The measuring accuracy is independent of the GPS position and the survey can therefore be carried out everywhere, for example in driveways within a building, underpasses, underneath trees and other locations. Additional expensive GPS hardware or lasers measuring distances are not required.

This is also true for diverse planning tasks, for example ensuring safety on paths and locations. The augmented reality enables a real life depiction of planned equipment and automatically documents the approval procedure.

Quick and easy Handling, especially for the on-site technician

Using augmented reality is as simple as recording a video. The equipment to be measured is simply selected in the video and the software automatically calculates the position or dimension. The immediate display of the recorded equipment and construction parts can improve the quality of the survey when the parts are reviewed, monitored and documented. The documentation is thereby carried out by the technician himself and on site. Specially trained surveyors are not required.

Supported Hardware

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone X, XR, Xs, Xs Max
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPad (model year 2017, 2018)
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad mini 5 (model year 2019)