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Quality Assurance during the Documentation Process

To ensure a successful operational management, a complete documentation of assets is required. This includes assets belonging to the network, plants and meters. Guidelines for the network are already available in the DVGW document GW 120. The GW 120, for example recommends a complete documentation of network data. The process of recording new network data and documenting it in GIS is already being done successfully by utility companies. However, the process of constructing, surveying and documenting these steps as well as the quality assurance is often not carried out. Surveys are often done spontaneously. Sometimes, the data in GIS is documented weeks later without a quality review. The DVGW provides some guidelines for documenting network data in the GW 130.

The documentation process can be managed in Lovion MEASURE by integrating it into the Lovion business information system.

Task-based Workflow

The process object and basis for managing the process is Lovion PROJECT, a house connection in Lovion CONSUMER or a survey project in Lovion SURVEY. Alternatively, a construction object is created as a reference if the modules above are not implemented.

The entire workflow of the documentation process is managed via tasks. Each measure is linked to a main task consisting of subtasks. Further subtasks are automatically created during the process if required and are processed in a specific order. For example, the task for the survey, documentation and quality assurance. Tasks can have a deadline or a specific appointment.

While tasks are being edited, information is being collected to carry out the data quality assurance. If the quality is insufficient, subtasks are created, for example a new survey task. Furthermore, documents such as photos can be attached to the construction measure and are available in the following processing steps.

All tasks in the process can be dispatched in Lovion DISPATCH.

Users for specific groups (survey or GIS department) are managed in the authorization. This means that tasks can be assigned to a specific employee and can also be given a deadline or appointment. For example, a surveyor can be assigned a task with a specific appointment to survey pipeline sections.

Quality Management

Predefined reports can be used to determine the following information:

  • How many surveys have been carried out?
  • How many measures have to be documented in GIS?
  • How long is the average processing time?
  • How many deadlines have been exceeded?

All reports are displayed in lists or diagrams.

Lovion MEASURE provides an optimal tool for managing the documentation process.

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