Lovion MATERIAL Material Planning and Consumption

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Connecting Material Management with Lovion

Most utility companies use an ERP-System as the main material management system, for example SAP MM. The module Lovion MATERIAL offers the possibility of making material and service directories of ERP-systems available in Lovion BIS. This supports calculation tools in Lovion BIS and also makes it possible to reserve material in the ERT-system.

Material and Service Combinations

Material and service combinations can be managed in Lovion MATERIAL. These can be linked to process objects such as a semi-construction measure or task.

Interface for ERP-system

In combination with the interface technology Lovion ERP CONNECT, the material combinations can be transmitted with the material management system. Material for a construction site or maintenance task can be reserved. In addition, services carries out for a specific task can be transmitted to the ERP-system or the services provided can be used in a calculation for an offer.

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Network Construction, Work Management

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