Lovion LIFECYCLE Long-Term Prognosis

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Long-Term Prognosis for Strategic Network Planning

Long-term scenarios for equipment can be simulated using Lovion LIFECYCLE. In future, more short-term calculations are necessary to produce required target corrections. A complete data analysis in the asset information system is helpful and can lead to a quick intervention based on current data.

In the past, the business or technical model of the network usually involved relative constant conditions, but nowadays short-term interventions are often required. Furthermore, the system was designed for growth, but today the focus lies on reduction and dismantling. Regulatory and structural-based requirements for the rehabilitation of networks make an integrated process view necessary in order to remain reactive in shorter iterations. A new asset strategie has to be devised in shorter intervals.

Asset Strategy

Analyses based on asset strategies are carried out on network, group and equipment level.

  • Wide range of statistics based on time, construction years and age
  • Analysing damage statistics
  • Derivation of damage functions
  • Analysis of conditions, for example from inspections
  • Derivation of Markov models for forecasting conditions
  • Determining the operational life

Various simulations are available for medium- and long-term strategies.

  • Strategy types (selection): do nothing, status quo, what if, budget-orientated, risk-orientated, target value (service level)
  • Results (selection): annual rehabilitation lengths/quantities, damage development, age, operating life, substance value, investment costs (CAPEX), operating costs (OPEX)
  • Linking the strategy level with planning measures to determine rehabilitation years
  • Strategy comparisons (CAPEX/OPEX optimisation)
  • Producing RCM Diagrams

The result is a list with measures.

  • Individual division or coordinated
  • Grouping of individual assets with measures and projects
  • Linking the strategic level for determining rehabilitation years
  • Displaying rehabilitation plans in tables and geographic maps

The list of measures serves as a basis for the direct integration in operational processes with Lovion INVEST and Lovion PROJECT.

Cooperational Development

The product Lovion LIFECYCLE was developed in cooperation with the development partner 3S Consult. 3S Consult has more than 30 years experience in developing software for hydraulic and asset management simulations. This knowledge base is incorporated into the product KANEW 3S®. The proven functionalities of KANEW 3S® are integrated into the Lovion system via Lovion LIFECYCLE. By combining Lovion RATING and RANKING, a fluid asset management solution is available for short-, medium- and long-term planning.

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