Lovion KKS MONITOR Managing cathodic Corrosion Protection

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Managing cathodic Corrosion Protection

The Lovion KKS MONITOR is designed to manage and document plants and take measurements of cathodic corrosion protection (KKS). In addition, the module is also used for planning, conducting and documenting KKS intensive measurements. The evaluation of valuable supply infrastructure using non-destructive methods is the basis for producing reliable maintenance for KKS-protected gas and water pipelines.

KKS Protection Areas

KKS protection areas, which are managed, created and analysed are used as a basis for Lovion KKS MONITOR. To create a new measuring area, a network analysis is carried out to identify potential protection areas against joints (non-metallic materials or isolation joints). Depending on the size and type, additional limiting joints and KKS protection plants can be planned. A survey is carried out for the planned KKS protection area after it has been dismounted.


Measured values can be compared with a comparative value that is theoretically calculated using the network sorface area. This allows a first estimation of the condition of the KKS protection area and perhaps further required inspections. Limiting the total area via additional bridgeable joints can be helpful to locate the damage. In order to do this, the entire area has to be structurally split up in sub areas. This is possible by installing switchable, bridgeable joints, for example measuring posts.

Longterm Measurements

KKS protection areas are monitored using longterm measurements. For this reason either remote transmittace of KKS protection areas or on site single measurements are carried out and documented in Lovion KKS MONITOR. User-based limits enable an automatic analysis and validation. The planning, implementation and dcoumentation of KKS measurements in Lovion KKS MONITOR enable a structural and integrated recording of the condition. This not only ensures supply safety, but also supports decision-making for operative asset management.


By using the diary function, the user has the opportunity to make special information available to other users, such as the status, condition and documents regarding the measurements. Furthermore, extensive measurement documents can be documented with Lovion KKS MONITOR. All employess receive an extensive overview about individual measuring areas as well as measurement documents through the diary.

Intensive Measurement

A precise damage localisation has to be carried out if damages are identified. This is done by narrowing down KKS sub protection areas where integrated and bredgeable joints are installed. The location of the damage can be identified more precisely using an intensive measurement. For this puropse, KKS intensive measurements can be planned, conducted and documented. The employee responsible for the intensive measurement defines the measuring date and contracts the measurement.

The measurement can be carried out in Lovion WORK. In Lovion WORK, a task is created which automatically contains information about the equipment. The employee uses Lovion TASK to document the measurement. Whilst doint this, the employee analyzes the measuring results and can record a damage in Lovion TASK. This dmaage is directly linked to the equipment and is used to create a subsequent maintenance task. The result of the intensive measurement as well as the maintenance task are recorded in Lovion KKS MONITOR. A new measurement based on the first measurement can be carried out after the maintenance has been completed to inspect if any further damage is present.

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