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Creating Business Plans with Lovion INVEST

Business plans related to process objects can be created in Lovion INVEST. Process objects include all cost-related measures and activities (construction measures, house connections, maintenance) that are created and managed in Lovion BIS. The aim is to reports costs at the earliest possible stage, starting from the the planning phase and ending at project completion. Process objects in Lovion usually have a contractual reference to another sales system via the interface. This enables Lovion INVEST to carry out intrayear budget management.

Thus, costs can be efficiently optimised for the strategical phase and operational processing in the technical Lovion system. Extensive business plans for investment and expenditure can be created. Individual company budget and cost structures from the enterprise system are used as a template.

Process-based Business Plans

The planned process object is immediately attached to the business plan. Process objects can include individual assets deriving from Lovion's database and can be directly linked to the business plan. Operational measures in PROJECT, WORK and TASK that are referenced to planned budgets within the enterprise system can be launched. The planning of the actual project start is carried out long before it is linked to the ERP-system. This enables cost estimations during the project phase.

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After the reference to the enterpise system is available, continuous and intrayear budget monitoring is possible in Lovion INVEST. Planned measures for the current year can be compared with the budget. Furthermore, the outflow of funds can be displayed for each month.

By linking the strategic planning with the actual project development and transmitting costs for the intrayear, Lovion INVEST becomes a central management tool for technical and economical business processes concerning utility companies and network providers.

Time Slices

Planning costs can be divided into time slices by sorting process objects according to their contracts. As a result, the costs are displyed for each year. The "new" function creates time slices based on defined time intervals and differentiates between estimated, planned and actual costs. This means that individual or numerous projects can be distinctly viewed and evaluated for each year.


Lovion INVEST incorporates a SAP-Integration for continuously transmitting costs. Contractual data is regularly and automatically synchronised at night. Next to the automatic reading function, data of individual process objects can also be queried at all times. Depending on the requirements, information can be displayed down to the cost type level.

Generic Cost Overviews and Diagrams

Different views and diagrams can be used to display budgets and costs for defined time intervals. For this purpose, generic overviews of selected process objects are created. By using reports or filters, individual divisions, cost centres or types of measure can be viewed.