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Efficient Certification of specialised Companies and Specialists

The browser-based module Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL supports the certification process for including service providers and third-party companies in the installation technician directory. Starting from the application process to the longterm licence renewal, all process steps are displayed and enable efficient and direct communication between service providers and the responsible utility company. The user-specific authorization for portal users enables buttons to be configured individually for certain types of users. This makes it easier for installation technicians or specialised companies to use the portal. By providing the necessary tools, data and document uploads are supported during each application process.

Certifying Specialists according to the rules and regulations of BDEW and LIA

The certification of installation technicians and specialists in carried out in the Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL. This depends on their respected specialist qualification. The necessary qualification documents in line with the rules and regulations of the Bundesverbands der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft e.V. (BDEW) and Landes-Installateurausschuss (LIA) are automatically requested and the applicant can quickly and easily upload these documents in the portal.

Status Overview of current Applications

The applicant is notified after the application has been successfully transmitted in the Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL. Furthermore, the specilised company or installation technician receives an overview of the current processing stauts of their application in the portal. The information is automatically available by implementing Lovion INSTALLER.

Transparent Certification Process witht the help of Flaws

Information about flaws in the application is automatically sent to the applicant vie the Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL. In addition, the applicant is provided with an interface to view and correct the flaws.

Scheduling Workshop Inspections

Inspecting workshops for the application process of certifying specialised companies is also carried out in the Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL. The specialist company is provided with a suitable interface to enable easy communication and editing during all processing steps. When confirming the on site appointment, additional information can be communicated through the portal.

By implementing the module Lovion INSTALLER, the results of the workshop inspections can be immediately be transmitted.

In the process step workshop inspection, flaws can be documented and directly edited by the specialist company.

Easy and direct Customer Communication

The application for certifying installation technicians or specialised companies through the Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL enables close and direct communication between all involved parties. Prior to the expiration date for the certification, the installation technician or specialised company automatically reveices a notification per e-mail. It contains information about the expiration date as well as renewal options vie the Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL.

Next to the process orientated option of communicating with service providers and utility companies, Lovion MESSAGE also offers direct communication tools.

Messages and documents can be sent to simplify the application process.

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