Lovion INSTALLER Licence Management

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Easy Licence Management for specialised Companies and Specialists

The Module Lovion INSTALLER is an efficient solution for managing certification processes for licencing specialised companies and specialists. Starting from the application process to the longterm licence renewal, the user is provided with a suitable interface and helpful tools. Flaws during the application process and appointments for inspecting companies can quickly and transparently be documented. The licence documents can easilry be transmitted between the applicant and the issure through the communication in Lovion MESSAGE or per e-mail.

Efficient Application Reviews

Lovion INSTALLER guides all specialized companies and specialists through the certification process. The module provides an overview of current applications. Suitable filter options assisst in the orientation and handling. The application processing is done in a detailed window. Information relevant for the application is made available to the user. Modifications and supplements by the employee can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, additional application documents can be opened, viewed and added.

Transparent Application Processing with the Help of Flaws

If the employee identifies discrepancies ot missing information during the application processing, Lovion INSTALLER offers the possibility to document these ase flaws. The transparent process documentation enables other users to quickly and easily receive an overview of the current processing status. Information about flaws in the application is automatically sent to the applicant vie the Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL.

Quick Scheduling of Workshop Inspections

Inspecting workshops for the application process of certifying specialised companies is also carried out in Lovion INSTALLER. In the first step, the inspection is scheduled. After the on site appointment is confirmed by the specialised company, the employee can carry out the inspection. For documenting the inspection results, various tools are available in the interface. The information about the specialised company for the workshop inspection in automatically available by implementing the module Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL.

Continuous Workflow for managing the Installation Technician Directory

In the final step of the application process, the employee can either grant or deny the licencing of the specialised company or specialist. If the licencing is granted, the specialised company or installation technician is automatically registered in the directory. In addition, by implementing Lovion OFFICE CONNECT, preconfigured IDs or licencing documents can be produced and be made available to the applicant. The certifcation has an expiry date and expires if no application for renewal has been issued by the specialised company or installation technician. For an efficient management and steering of all certifications, preconfigured filter options are available in the interface.

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