Lovion GRID Topology

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Dependency on Switching Positions

With the help of the module Lovion GRID, the electricity grid can be displayed in various colours, depending on the switching positions. This module incorporates the data structure for topological information in Lovion BIS. After defining a starting point on a cable in the electrictiy grid, the network is automatically displayed in different colours. The colouring is visible in the base map, overview map and circuit diagram.

In addition to the coloured display of low, medium and high voltage circtuis, it is also possible to simulate switching positions during mobile use. This is done by selecting switches and changing their status to connect or disconnect. This results in a new evaluation based on these conditions. The coloured parts of the network are also displayed along with the number of edges per networt section in the main menu of Lovion GRID.

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Lovion GRID

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