Lovion GOOGLE CONNECT Connector for Google

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Lovion GOOGLE CONNECT the Connector for Google

Google Maps is an online map service by Google. Street, satellite, topographic and other data is available for worldwide regions.

Lovion GOOGLE CONNECT offers an online integration for Google Maps in Lovion:

  • MAP: Visualization of road, satellite and topographic maps in a Lovion background layer. Full integration in Lovion/Theme management and transformation into Lovion's coordinate system.
  • ELEVATION: Elevation model in a Lovion window. Selection via auxiliary line or geometry selection in the Lovion map. Visualization of elevation data in Lovion map.
  • STREETVIEW: Streetview available in Lovion window. Selection via auxiliary line or geometry selection. Linked with Lovion map navigation.
  • SEARCH: Quick Google search in Lovion; comfortable (autocomplete, interactive hit list). Reverse search is possible for nearby Google objects.

A licence is required for google maps data if it is used commercially. An OEM licence is available for using Google data in combination with Lovion GOOGLE CONNECT.

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