Lovion FME CONNECT Exchange Platform

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Flexible Software Solution

FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is a powerful and flexible software solution that simplifies complex processes for automatically modelling spatial and non-spatial data. FME supports over 300 different types of data source imports such as GIS and CAD file formats, raster data, web services as well as geographical data. With the help of an easy-to-use interface, FME offers an efficient and optimal data transformation and conversion tool for most target data models and formats.

Adapter for FME

Lovion FME CONNECT offers predefined adapters for FME in order to integrate various GIS data into Lovion repositories. This includes geometric and attribute GIS data. Incorporating network data from GIS forms the foundation for Lovion process modules.

Supported Vector File Formats

FME supports imports of about 180 different vector file formats such as ESRI File Geodatabase (GDB), ESRI Shape, Bentley MicroStation (V7 DGN), GeoMedia SQL Server Warehouse, Intergraph Framme, Post-GIS and PostgreSQL.

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