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Facility Management for Utility Companies


The product Lovion FACILITY offers a solution for managing and maintaining buildings as well as their technical equipment and furnishings. The solution is specially designed for utility companies. One major advantage of the Lovion system is the smooth integration of this module. The management of buildings and equipment on company premises is managed the same way as assets and plants are in the utility grid. All processes and interfaces (for example, SAP for tenders and billing) can be processed uniformly in one system.

Managing Locations, Buildings and Areas

Lovion FACILITY offers the capability of managing all objects in a building or an outdoor area. This includes non-moveable objects, for example trees or grass areas as well as moveable objects such as motor vehicles or electrical equipment. Objects can also be displayed in a map in Lovion and are georeferenced. A floor plan is managed for each floor of the building. Outdoor equipment is displayed in Lovion's geographic map.

Inventory of Equipment, Work Utensils, Furnishings and Motor Vehicles

An inventory of objects such as equipment, work utensils, furnishings or motor vehicles can be managed in the products Lovion FACILTY. Objects are tagged with a barcode or QR code and recorded using a unique id in the system. This enables regular inventories to take place by scanning all objects. Tablets or smartphones with the iOS or android operating system can be used to carry out the inventory.

Depicting organisational Structures and Employees

Organisational structures and employees can be managed in Lovion FACILITY. It is also possible to depict which employee is responsible for a certain equipment. Departments in rooms can also be visualized in the map. The key and lock management in the solution documents acces rights to certain rooms and facilities for each individual.

Task-based Workflow for managing Real Estate and Inventory

Managing cyclic tasks such as cleaning or maintenance work and sporadic tasks such as repairs is possible via the modules Lovion WORK and TASK. The process of creating facility management tasks in Lovion WORK and executing them in Lovion TASK is identical to the methods applied in utility networks. This leads to a uniform and consistent processes, improving the overall efficiency during execution.

Tender and Billing Support by implementing an Interface for ERP Systems

In facility management, most companies work with external service providers when it comes to cleaning and maintaining properties. Thus, Lovion FACILITY offers the functionalities of determining and managing quantities and dimensions for relevant tenders. Furthermore, the product Lovion ERP CONNECT offers an interface for the commercial system (usually SAP). This means that tasks can be linked to a contract in the SAP system.

Important Features

  • Managing locations, buildings and areas
  • Managing facilities and equipment within buildings and outdoor areas
  • Managing inventory, fleets, safety equipment and locking systems
  • Depiction of organisational structures and employees including the assignment of equipment
  • Object visualization using geographic maps and floor plans as well as attribute data
  • Flexible configuration of cyclic or sporadic tasks
  • Integration into business IT via Lovion ERP CONNECT

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