Lovion DOCUMENTS Document Management

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Referenced Documents

Lovion DOCUMENTS offers a solution for attaching and managing documents in Lovion BIS. As an integrated module, documents are managed in a central location and can be linked to various objects in Lovion BIS. Furthermore, metadata about the document can be managed and stored. Thus, it is possible to classify documents.

With Lovion DB DESIGN, it is possible to add a random number of fields.

Documents can be filtered in the overview tab according to their charecteristics and are quickly and easily found.

As documents are linked to georeferenced objects, it is also possible to extract geographical information about the document.

Integrated into the System

Lovion DOCUMENTS offers a document management extension for other modules. For example, the functions are added to Lovion CONSUMER or Lovion PROJECT.

Microsoft Outlook Support

Lovion DOCUMENTS also facilitates functions for adding E-Mails from Outlook via drag-and-drop. In the process, data such as "subject" or "sender" is automatically added and can be used for searches and filtering at a later stage.

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