Lovion DMS CONNECT integrated Document Management Systems

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Interface for Document Management Systems (DMS)

Nowadays, documents are managed and archived digitally. This can be done by providing easy access to servers. In most cases, professional document management systems (DMS) are used. Common systems amongst this category are:

  • D.3
  • ELO
  • OpenText
  • HypArchiv
  • MS SharePoint.


The aim of integrating Lovion BIS with a DMS is to provide uncomplicated and direct access to documents. Lovion DMS CONNECT offers a flexible integration for different document management systems and can be easily extended for other systems. This means that documents for assets as well as processes are available to all employees with just a mouse click. The module Lovion DMS CONNECT is flexibly extendable so that other document management solutions can be linked.

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Solution for:
Integration, Dokumentenverwaltung

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