Lovion DISPATCH Task Distribution

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Managing and Distributing Tasks

Managing work in Lovion BIS is done using tasks which play a central role. The module Lovion WORK is used to create these tasks. Afterwards the tasks are distributed to the employees via Lovion DISPATCH. Processing mobile tasks can be done in Lovion TASK or the Lovion TASK APP.

Work planning is done in Lovion DISPATCH using an interactive gantt chart. This provides an overview of tasks and available resources. The planning can be don via drag-and-drop with the mouse. Tasks that have not yet been assigned can be moved from the list to the gantt chart. The capacity planning is shown in a separate are.

The integrated geographical visualization of tasks in the map help to define spatial work packages which are created using an algorithm for automatic clustering. Daily work in the company is managed through tasks. Next to specialist assistance, organisational changes such as sick leave or unplanned events also have to be considered when dispatching tasks.

Information about planned tasks is made trasparently available In Lovion DISPATCH. The contents of combined tasks/task packages are visible and can be modified if required. The processing status of tasks is depicted by the easy to read status colours. Tasks of special importance, such as appointment or fault clearance tasks can be displayed with a special symbol.