Lovion DB DESIGN Data Modelling

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Menu-guided Data Model Definitions

The module Lovion DB DESIGN is used to create and modify data models. Data models in Lovion describe the data structure as well as the visibility and editability of data fields. All settings are transparently visible in Lovion DB DESIGN.

As Lovion DB DESIGN also supports inheritance features, elegant data models can be defined without redundancies. Not only does this save time for defining data models, but also makes these easily extendable and easy to maintain.

In order to modify field names without causing functional problems, Lovion DB DESIGN supports internal name management (used for references in the programme code) and external names, which can be defined individually.

The manufacturer as well as the customer have the option of modifying and extending the data model. During this process, the validity of the data model is scrutinised in order to ensure a stable system. This is why modifications by the customer are managed separately and in an individual name space.

Lovion DB DESIGN supports the following features for customers:

  • Creating new feature classes and fields
  • Extending existing feature classes with new fields
  • Modifiying external names of existing feature classes
  • Modifying external names of existing fields
  • Modifying default values of existing fields
  • Exchanging existing enumerations (catalogues)
  • Definition of field visibiity
  • Definition of field editability
  • Definition of compulsary fields
  • Definition of validation rules based on standard operations

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