Lovion CYCLO CONNECT the Connector for CycloMedia

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Lovion CYCLO CONNECT Connector for CycloMedia

CycloMedia is the market leader for large areal and systematic visualizations of surroundings based on 360° panoroma pictures (Cycloramas).

Lovion CYCLO CONNECT offers an online integration for cycloramas in Lovion.
CYCLORAMA VIEW: Integration and visualization of navigable cycloramas within the Lovion window. Selection via auxiliary points or selected geometries. Coupled with the Lovion map navigation.

As a result, planning processes (urban planning, canal, mobile communication planning etc.) can be improved, reducing on-site inspections significantly.

Licensing fees are charged for CycloMedia data. A licence for using CycloMedia data in combination with Lovion CYCLO CONNECT has to be purchased separately.

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