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Cost Calculations used for Planning

A cost calculation for the planning phase can be carried out in Lovion COSTING using preconfigured tools that incorporate planning objects with geometries and attribute data. By linking service directories, a cost calculation can be performed based on the automatically generated list of parts. Furthermore, by linking SAP, PSP-elements can be created and added in SAP.

Planning Objects

In Lovion COSTING, redlining geometries become helpful planning objects with attributes. The attributes can be defined individually or adopted from specialist data models. A planned gas pipeline section will for example contain the attributes "material" and "dimension". The contents are provided by catalogues. The Visualization of the planning object is dependent on the selcted attributes. This is made possible by the style system. By using further attributes, a more precise cost calculation is achievable.

Cost Calculation

It is possible to roughly calculate planning costs by using planning objects in Lovion DESIGN. Furthermore, the calculation can be managed in Lovion PROJECT. Costs are calculated by implementing a service directory where the costs for inividual services are listed. With the additional quantity information, resulting from the planning sketch, the user attains a rough cost calculation. This can be used for a preliminary budget planning und is used to compare actual accumulated costs.

Interface for other Systems

Based on the project calculation in the module Lovion AVA CONNECT, the data can also be transmitted in GAEB-format to AVA-programmes such as California or Sysbau. The module Lovion ERP CONNECT can be used to further optimise the process by connecting the SAP modules OM, MM, IS-U or PS. As a result, the user can directly add SAP contracts via Lovion PROJECT where the data is transmitted bidirectionally. A further application is the material management within the module SAP MM-SRV. The technical implementation of Lovion ERP CONNECT is carried out within SAP via BAPIs, which is managed in a individual name space.

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