Lovion CONTROL Digital Documentation of Gas Pipeline Inspections

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Digital Documentation of Gas Pipeline Inspections

The module Lovion CONTROL is available for the digital documentation of gas pipeline inspections, which is in line with the DVGW guidelines G465. Thus, it is possible to carry out areal pipeline inspections and to organize them district by district. For each district numerous inspections are documented. They include pipeline points, house connections, damages and defects. The routes can optionally be recorded using a GPS trail. Each documented point contains project-specific attributes suchs as "gas detector", "pilot", "measuring device" or "location".

Conducting an Inspection

Pipeline points, house connections, damages and defects are digitally documented during a gas pipeline inspection. Each point type contains the attribute "status", which can entail various catalogue values. For example, for a house connection, the status can include "inspection completed" , "not inspected" or the damage with the status values "pre-localisation" and the classification "A1", "A2", "B" or "C" is recorded. The point type and status are combined to visualize a specific symbol. For each documented point, a photo or other document can be attached.

Damage Sketch

If a damage or defect is identified during an inspection, this can be documented in a digital sketch. The sketch is created using redlining functions directly in the map. Predfined sketch symbols can bes used to quickly draw the necessary geometries. The design of the stamp field can be defined individually. Values such as "date", "gas detector", "pilot", "measuring device" or address are automatically inserted into the sketch so that the stamp field is unique.

Inspection Results

All inspections are dsiplayed in an overview in Lovion CONTROL. Furthermore, they can be sorted according to their status. For each inspection, all documented points are visualized in the map. In addition, the GPS trail and the redlining geometries can also be displayed. The results can be filtered using various criteria. A data export is possible with Lovion's standard functions.

Mit Lovion CONTROL können alle durchgeführten Prüfungen in einer Übersicht angezeigt werden. Die Prüfungen können nach ihrem Status gefiltert werden. Zu jeder Prüfung werden alle erfassten Punkte in der Karte angezeigt. Des Weiteren werden die optionale GPS-Spur und die Redlining-Geometrien der Schadensskizzen mit dargestellt. Die Ergebnisse können nach verschiedenen Kriterien gefiltert werden. Der Datenexport erfolgt mit den Standard-Funktionen.

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