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Efficient Applications for Network Connections

The browser-based software solution Lovion CONSUMER PORTAL supports the application process, starting with the initial customer application and proceded by the application processing by the utility company. The solution also includes the applicant's commissioning of the grid operator. All of these processing steps are incorporated into the solution and enable efficient and direct communication between the customer, installation technicians and the responsible grid operator. The user-specific authorization for portal users allows interfaces to be configured with predefined buttons in order for customers or installation technicians to process the application efficiently. Suitable tools simplify data entry points as well as uploading documents throughout the application process.

Status Overview of existing Applications

The customer is notified in the Lovion CONSUMER PORTAL after an application has been successfully sent to the grid operator. Furthermore, the customer or installation technician can see information about the processing status of the application in an overview throughout the process. The automated notification regarding the applicant is accessible by adding the module Lovion CONSUMER.

Easy and direct Communication

During the application of a network connection, easy and direct communication is possible between all participants via the Lovion CONSUMER PORTAL. Next to communication options between the applicant and grid operator, Lovion MESSAGE offers additional communication capabilites between all involved parties. The solution also offers an efficient and easy to use document uploading tool which can be used for the application process.

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