Lovion ASSET WASTEWATER Sewage Plants

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Documenting Sewage Plants and Assets

The Lovion ASSET WASTEWATER datamodel for sewage plants describes the documented assets within the sewer system. These include:

  • Shafts
  • Culverts
  • Pump stations and pressure pipes
  • Rain spillways
  • Rain clarification tanks
  • Rain overflow tanks
  • Storage canals
  • Structures for entry points
  • Flooding protection structures
  • Rain retention reservoirs
  • Reserve tanks for malfunctions in the industrial sector
  • Transfer points between different operators
  • Separating systems (for example, light liquid separating systems, sand traps) for commercial networks.


The structure of the data model is strongly based on valid rules and regulations of the German association for water management, sewage and waste (DWA). The plants are a logical supplement to the georeferenced GIS database. Hierarchical system structures are supported. The data model is described in more detail in a feature class diagram. All linked feature classes as well as parent and child objects are included in order to visualize the structure of logical connections.

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