Lovion ASSET METER Data Model for Utilities

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Realisation of Data Model for the Uility Industry

For implementing a mobile Lovion-based solution for the main process of

  • exchanging (cyclic exchange, sample exchange),
  • servicing (conversion, extension, installation, fault elimination),
  • converting a modern metering system,
  • converting and installing intelligent metering systems (smart meter),
  • reading,
  • newly installing,
  • blocking or unblocking meters,

data about equipment concerning the meters is required and depicted. Usually data is imported and standardised in the ERP repository using an ERP interface. Access to the ERP system is possible via standard functions which can also extract individual information (business partner, address etc.).

Interface for SAP IS-U (including IM4G) and Wilken

Data is prepared in a standard format with Lovion ASSET METER. The structure of

  • connection objects,
  • consumption points,
  • device positions,
  • devices,
  • counting mechanisms

is depicted by specific RWO-types within Lovion's own unique repository. The aim is to use technical master data for service processes concerning metering companies which are supported by Lovion.

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Solution for:
Integration, Netzanschluss, Störungsmanagement, Work Management, Zählerwesen