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Documenting Lighting Facilities and Assets

Lighting assets are managed in Lovion ASSET LIGHTING. The address for each lighting point can be inserted using a special interface. Furthermore, the light's geographical position is displayed in the map. A unique location id and consecutive number is automatically asssigned to the object based on its position in the street. Afterwards, a task for the initial recording in the inventory is carried out to document lighting-specifc attribute data.

Continuation of Documentation

Inventory changes relevant for billing, for example, reduced output, are documented via specific tasks and form part of the historic database. To easily record numerous lighting points, an existing lighting point is used as a template and copied for other objects using a special interface.

Dynamic Data

Special task types are used to depict various processes for planning and documenting maintenance and repair tasks for street lights. At the same time, special dependencies such as the new coating of a mast eight months after replacing an old one, are taken into account and supported by automatic tasks. Integrated reports for material orders simplify the preparation work for regular lighting bulb replacements. For tasks carried out by external service providers, for example, stand security checks, reports are inserted and linked to the lighting point.

Service Billing for operational Management

Exchanging lights or individual components often leads to a modified output affecting the billing of the lighting. Any adjustments in the lighting output are documented to ensure a complete historicization of light production. A verification of overall monthly changes as well as operating performance is possible using special reports. This can be implemented for billing and simplifies the operational management.

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