Lovion ANALYZER Network Analysis

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Network Analysis

Electricity grid data can be analysed in the module Lovion ANALYZER. The analysis is based on nodes such as cable distributors or electrical substations and incorporates topological data from Lovion GRID. As a result, a list of cable lengths, relevant attribute data and connected sockets is produced. These lists can be sorted and grouped according to different criteria.

Electrical values are calculated for the whole route based on electrical values and the length of cable sections in connection with cable types. The list can be printed out or saved as a file. It is also possible to directly export the list to an office product for further editing. During the analysis, all components are displayed with their identified address. This is helpful to locate disruptions.

The route to be analysed can either be defined in the graphic window or by setting a start and end point for Lovion ANALYZER to automatically search the direct connection between these two points. Simultaneously, all topological information such as the switching status, provided by the module Lovion GRID, is applied. The result also displays all identified objects.

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