Lovion 3S CONNECT Integration of 3S Propulsion Systems

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Integrating 3S Propulsion Systems

The company 3S Antriebe GmbH develops and distributes electrical propulsion systems specially designed for underground water, gas and district heating fittings. Maintenance work in line with relevant rules and regulations can be carried out using this propulsion system. Results are also automatically recorded. 3S Antriebe devices are connected to Lovion TASK using the Lovion 3S CONNECT interface.

The 3S AIG apparatus is an intelligent valve propulsion device that documents torque and thread tolerance. Information about the equipment in Lovion TASK is transmitted to the AIG apparatus via bluetooth and Lovion 3S CONNECT. Measurement data for maintenance work including "3S Condition light" is automatically transmitted to Lovion TASK and linked to the task or corresponding equipment. Thus, the functionality of the equipment and the execution of the maintenance task is recorded objectively.

Results of the AIG device that are documented in task can be used for asset management in Lovion RATING. This means that equipment evaluations can take place. Furthermore, it is possible to define a maintenance strategy for the equipment's specific condition type using Lovion RATING.

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