Plant Management based on Standardized Field Applications

Efficient Documentation, Data Acquisition and Maintenance of Plants

The software solution Lovion BIS not only integrates data from external systems such as GIS and SAP, but is also used to capture and maintain data. Data processing is done in Lovion EXPLORE where graphic and attribute data, including relational features, can be edited. The elegant interface is perfectly suited to edit large datasets. The product Lovion DB DESIGN offers an interactive user interface for creating data models.

Anlagenverwaltung mit Lovion BIS

Data Model and Field Applications

Numerous products with professionally prepared data models and specific functions are available in Lovion BIS. They can be used for different scenarios:

  • Gas plant and asset documentation
  • Water plant and asset documentation
  • District heating plant and asset documentation
  • Electricity plant and asset documentation
  • Managing decentralised energy suppliers
  • Lighting facilities and assets
  • Sewage plant documentation


Objects can be linked to each other in Lovion BIS using flexible references. As a result, the GIS-based geographic position of a plant can be integrated with data deriving from the SAP System. Joining data from external systems with Lovion data is a further elegant feature of the software.

Transparent Administration

Lovion offers a transparent data overview of all equipment and associated information. Equipment is visualized through piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), maps, lists and/or both combined. Thus, users receive an overview of all company assets. Additionally, data regarding pending tasks, damage reports, operating conditions and equipment localities is retrievable.

Improved Geometry-Editing Tools for Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

With an enhanced geometry-editing tool, Lovion supports object-based visualizations of plant assets in a piping and instrumentation diagram. This is possible by using pre-configured tools and associated texts. Furthermore, geometry-editing tools also offer core functionalities for constructing and arranging individual objects. By selecting an object in the P&ID, all relevant attribute data and associated documents are displayed.

The visualization of the P&ID not only supports the documentation and administration of existing plants, but also enables the planning of new plants such as the re-planning of plants via their operational status based on network constructions.

Data-based Plant Documentation

In Lovion DOCUMENTS, it is possible to join object-based documents with the objects themselves. In addition, Lovion is capable of managing superordinate plant documents such as work instructions as well as rules and regulations. The data-based storage simplifies the allocation of centralised plant documents. Users are also supported by integrated media features such as panorama photos or small videos which help to navigate through the plant.

Asset-based Task Management in Plants and Facilities

The object-based visualization of plants enables users to create authentic tasks for plant assets, thereby structuring tasks and checklists according to individual plant layouts. Maintenance tasks can be displayed for general activities concerning plants and facilities. Furthermore, specific tasks can be created for individual assets such as filters, controllers or transformers.

Project Reports