Outage Management Fault Elimination Process

Outage Management with Lovion Outage

The malfunction and outage management tool Lovion OUTAGE manages the entire fault elimination process starting from the point where a notification is received, leading up to the documentation and execution of business-orientated processes. In addition, report updates are sent to relevant organisations. The following actions are carried out in the process:

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  • Error notification
  • Forwarding to field staff
  • Fault elimination
  • Data maintenance
  • Magnitude assessment
  • Quality assurance
  • Completion
  • Reporting (e.g. BNetzA)


Lovion OUTAGE generates standard (BNetzA, FNN, DVGW), daily, weekly and quarterly reports as well as data for the XML-webservice of the German Network Agency. The module can also determine the network quality. Results are displayed in lists or as pie charts which can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Next to the reports, it is also possible to determine the network quality. For this purpose known parameters (SAIFI, SAIDI and CAIDI) are used to calculate supply reliability.

System Average Interruption Frequency Index H u (SAIFI): This parameter measures the average amount of times a customer is affected by an outage per year.

Customer Average Interruption Duration Index T u (CAIDI): This index measures the average outage duration per customer.

System Average Interruption Duration Index Q u (SAIDI): This parameter is the product between interruption frequency and outage duration. It is a measure to predict the probability of a customer being affected by a power outage and can be used to calculate the sum of outages per year per customer.

Average maximum restore time: The average maximum restore time determines the average length of time it takes to completely restore the power supply to customers who are affected by an outage.

Further parameters: Further statistical data such as parameters concerning the supply reliability are calculated based on the IEEE 1366 indices, which are defined by the international UNIPEDE-expert group DISQUAL. These parameters can be calculated in Lovion OUTAGE.

Outage Management