Network Operations with an integrated View on SAP and GIS Data

Maintenance and Repairs based on Rules and Regulations by professional Organisations

Lovion products for network operations are developed to manage and monitor planned and unplanned measures. Technical network data including plants and meters are the foundation for managing these measures in Lovion BIS. The process is split up into sub-processes. These include work preparation, maintenance/repairs and inspections. A separate Lovion module is available for each of these sub-processes. Process modules can also be used independently, however, the strength of the system lies within the interoperability of all Products.


Product Overview

The products Lovion WORK (work preparation) and Lovion TASK (mobile processing) are closely interlinked and designed to execute measures. Work preparation in Lovion WORK includes capacity planning and resource management. Tasks can be executed on site using mobile devices and Lovion TASK. The product Lovion CONTROL covers gas pipeline inspections for external service providers.

Uniform Work Management for all Measures

Uniform process management is possible using central work management components designed for all solutions. Information about allocated staff, resources and third-party service providers is transparently available. Additionally, budgets for network construction, network operations, network connections and metering services can be monitored.


Main Rules and Regulations

Product development for network operations is based on the following rules and regulations (mostly available in German):

  • W 392 Pipeline Inspections and Water Loss
  • W 400-3 (TRWV) Maintenance and Repairs
  • G 465 (1) Inspecting Gas Pipeline Systems with an operating Pressure of up to 4 bar
  • G 465 (2) Gas Pipelines up to 5 bar – Maintenance
  • G 495 Gas Plants and Systems - Maintenance
  • GW 119 Improving Business Processes using GIS
  • GW 120 Network Documentation
  • GW 122 Network Information Systems
  • GW 133 Data-based Fault Management
  • GW 134 IT-based Maintenance with GIS Integration
  • FW 401 - Section 15 Installation and Statics of synthetic double-walled Pipes for District Heating Networks
  • FW 430 District Heating Distribution Plants
  • FW 525 District Heating House Plants
  • S 118 Issuing Network Enquiries
  • S 1000 Operating electrical Supply Networks
  • V A3 Accident Prevention Regulations

Project Reports