Network Management for efficient economic Planning

Strategic Network Management with Risk Analyses, long-term Simulations and operational Planning Measures

Strategic decisions in the core network management process are based on available data. By combining technical and economic data, a complete overview of all assets and asset groups can be ascertained. Furthermore, this data is used to sustainably manage tasks and to ensure an optimised supply network. The IT solution provides transparent decision-making tools including their effects on economic planning and operational implementation. By integrating the core network management process in the entire economic planning cycle, all evaluations can be carried out on current process and economic data. This clearly sets it above individual and isolated solutions. In addition, the software supports ISO 55000 standards.


Asset Evaluation

The fundamental module in the core network management process is Lovion RATING. All asset data and data relevant for evaluations is organised here. Evaluations for assets and asset groups are based on defined calculation models. Predefined evaluation models for electricity, gas, water and district heating are already available.

Prioritising Assets

Assets, asset groups, asset structures and even entire networks can be evaluated according to their conditions and importance in Lovion RANKING. Evaluations are carried out visually and in data tables. A prioritisation of maintenance and repair measures is carried out using individually selected criteria. The prioritisation is based on RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) diagrams where assets or asset groups are visualized according to their conditions and importance.


Long-Term Prognoses for Network Planning

Long-term simulations for asset strategies can be analysed in the product Lovion LIFECYCLE. Technical evaluations based on calculation models as well as economic aspects (CAPEX/OPEX optimisation) are taken into account. The aim of the long-term simulation is to produce a strategic and goal-orientated network planning that incorporates short- and medium-term economic goals.

Creating and Monitoring Business Plans

Short- and medium-term economic planning is done in the product Lovion INVEST. Lovion INVEST offers a transparent view on medium-term forecasting of actual and target costs by integrating business systems (e.g. SAP). Measures are assigned to budgets for economic planning. The system supports perennial projects through the use of time slices. Various options can be viewed during the planning phase before economic planning is finalised. Intrayear modifications in approved budgets are managed in a different version.

Important Features

  • Assessing technical and economic parameters
  • Risk analysis and long-term simulations on asset level
  • Strategic and operative asset management
  • Economic planning based on long-term simulations and risk analysis
  • Transparent budget management and monitoring (CAPEX/OPEX optimisation)
  • Economic and operational planning based on project level
  • Budget monitoring on contract level
  • Based on ISO 55000 Series

Project Reports